List of Universities in North Korea

North Korea has many universities and institutes to conduct higher education and award bachelor's master's and research degrees. Following given list of universities and institutes of higher education in North Korea
  • Chagang University of Agriculture
  • Changsusan University
  • Ch'ŏngjin Medical University
  • Ch'ŏngjin Mine and Metal University
  • Ch'ŏngjin University of Pedagogy No.1 (Oh Joong-heup University)
  • Ch'ŏngjin University of Technology
  • Chong Jun-taek University of Economics
  • Chongsong University
  • Choson University of Physical Education
  • Hambuk University
  • Hamhŭng University of Education
  • Hamhŭng University of Chemical Technology
  • Hamhŭng University of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • Huichon University of Telecommunications
  • Inpung University
  • Institute of Natural Science
  • Kang Gong University
  • Karimchon University
  • Kim Chaek University of Technology
  • Kim Chol-ju University of Education
  • Kim Hyung-jik University of Pedagogy
  • Kim Jong-il University of the Arts
  • Kim Il-sung Military University
  • Kim Il-sung University
  • Kim Il-sung University of Politics
  • Kim Je-won University
  • Koryo Songgyungwan University
  • Kumya University
  • Kwangje University
  • Kye Ung-sang University
  • Kyongsong University
  • Manpung University
  • Nampo University
  • Ponghwa University
  • Pyongyang Jang Chol-gu University of Commerce
  • Pyongyang Medical University
  • Pyongyang University of Agriculture
  • Pyongyang University of Architecture
  • Pyongyang University of Automation (formerly known as Mirim College)
  • Pyongyang University of Cinematics
  • Pyongyang University of Computer Science
  • Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies
  • Han Duksu Pyongyang University of Light Industry
  • Pyongyang University of Mechanical Engineering
  • Pyongyang University of Medicine Teaching Hospital
  • Pyongyang University of Music and Dance
  • Pyongyang University of Printing Engineering
  • Pyongyang University of Transport
  • Pyongyang University of Science and Technology
  • Rajin University of Marine Transport
  • Ryanggang University
  • Sariwon Pharmaceutical College of Koryo
  • Sinuiju University of Light Industry
  • Sohae University
  • Songdowon University
  • Tonghae University
  • University of Asia
  • University of Coal Mining
  • University of Construction and Building Materials
  • University of Fine Arts
  • University of Geology
  • University of Hydraulics and Dynamics
  • University of National Economy
  • University of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry
  • Wonsan Agricultural University
  • Wonsan University of Fisheries
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